The Importance Of Emotional Competence

Although the Life2Change program is the only existing diet that actually guarantees no hunger feelings, some of our clients still face difficulties following the food program or maintaining their achieved weight. The Life2Change Program has worked for literally thousands of people and it will work for you. But in order for it to work, you have to be able to stick to the program. Those who have difficulty with keeping to the plan often report that they feel like they just don't have the self-discipline to stick with it, but it isn't really a problem of self-discipline. It's a problem of being driven by emotions, often without even realizing that that's the case. Most people know intuitively that weight problems are very often caused or complicated by emotional problems. People tend to eat to comfort themselves when they feel stressed or anxious. It's common to 'self-medicate' with especially high carbohydrate foods or to just eat too much and just 'numb out.' Unfortunately most people don't know how to resolve the emotions that drive them to eat for the wrong reasons.

Don't worry, Life2Change offers a solution to this problem. The Life2Change program does not only consist of your optimal individualized eating plan. It also includes personal individualized training in the new Life2Change Techniques. These new techniques teach you how to resolve any emotional issues and impulsivity that get in the way of successfully eating according to your optimal dietary plan. The really good news is that these new techniques are easy to learn and use!

It is very common for people to become so conditioned to turning to "comfort food" that they don't realize they are doing it. Our specially trained staff will help you learn how to stop using food as a medicine and instead resolve the emotions that are driving you to eat. Thanks to these simple, yet effective techniques you will be able to recognize these destructive eating patterns and permanently eliminate those emotions rather than cover them up with eating. The standard Life2Change program includes five half-hour personalized training sessions that teach you these techniques. Clients who think they need more coaching can purchase additional sessions.

The Life2Change techniques add a new highly effective solution to what has been a central and most challenging problem for people wanting to be successful with weight management for the long haul. Our goal is not to just help you lose the weight, it is to make sure it stays off!


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