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Welcome to Life2Change

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Welcome to Life2Change

More recently many services related to the conduct of diets have emerged. The aim of these programs is to change the participant’s weight, but after normal weight is reached the patient quickly returns to his or her previous weight or previous dietary behaviors .These bad habits come back with a vengeance , which means that the treatment will be ineffective . Life2change was created by years of monitoring and analyzing these habits and is intended to completely transform the lives of patients.

An important element of the program is cooperation among the nutritionist, trainer and doctor at the cardiology clinic . Customer collaboration with the Life2change team is under constant surveillance , and uses the latest technology in telemedicine.

Life2change specialists are familiar with the client's medical profile and use a competitive work plan supported by cardiac sensors to assess health.

Use of the L2C ™ Program brings balance to the daily intake of nutrients and dietary habits of the individual.

The body responds to a balanced program L2C ™ reaction, which standardizes and optimizes the major body systems and hormones .

What do you need?

Application Life2Change - an admission form with all your medical data (current and history of illnesses see Annex QDQ - Quantum Diagnostic Questionnaire ™)

Complete blood count : The blood should be tested for levels of : sodium , potassium, creatinine , gamma -GT , overall level of protein , Glucose , TSH ( thyroid stimulating hormone ) cholesterol.

Once you have all this information specialists will contact you regarding your Personal Life2Change Health Care Program ™ .


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