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Why are the results of preliminary tests are important?

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Why are the results of preliminary tests are important?

The results confirm that there is significant scientific / empirical evidence regarding the importance and effectiveness of the "Life2Change Programme" in the following areas:

The resolution of obesity and overweight conditionsimprove BMI which in turn improves the level of total cholesterol

The improvement of the 15 factors below sets out the conditions affecting overall well-being and health:

(consumption of drugs , quality of sleep , energy levels , libido , gastrointestinal disorders , cognitive and problem-solving skills , the ability to cope with anxiety and stress , fertility and virility , self-assessment , assessment one's own well-being , social relationships , a sense of youth, reduce frequency of common diseases , positive changes in lifestyle [ daily ] , the spectrum of other factors specified by the Client that serve as conditions and indicators of one's well-being ) .

Thus the program is not the Life2change diet, but the treatment of diseases through natural feeding , that uses chosen special combinations for each patient individually in an innovative , and unprecedented way ! One might say that it is simply a treatment without pills that uses advanced scientific research on the effects of nutrition on specific combinations of the human body.

We invite you to read the information on how to join the program.


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