About us


“The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition.”

Thomas Edison

Who I Am

Don van den BrandtMy name is Don van den Brandt, 60 years old, father of three, proud grandfather of three adorable grandchildren and married to my lovely wife Mariena. Years ago I found myself morbidly obese, suffering from type 2 diabetes, severe gout and depression. Weighing more than 134 kg I had absolutely no energy and mundane tasks seemed like mountains I couldn't cross. I was what I nowadays call a real 'couch potato!' Driven by the awareness that my circumstances had to drastically change I started searching the internet for answers. What I hated the most about my condition wasn't even the fact that i was overweight. My biggest problem was the truckload of pills I had to take each and every day to suppress all of my conditions . Consulting my home doctor and rheumatologist about this issue I was informed that taking medication was going to stick with me for the rest of my life. Luckily I found a way of regaining my health that clearly was different from anything else I had ever tried. Taking what was only healthy nutrition specified to my personal situation I started to lose weight at an incredible rate. Within 3 ½ months I managed to lose 43 kilos and gained a level of energy that I myself couldn't believe. The best part of my transformation was the fact that I no longer had to take any medication: my body had healed itself. Over the years I have come to reject the statement that biology is destiny. It was not primarily my physical self that limited me, but more-so my degenerating mindset. Thanks to my story and in the meantime that of many others I nowadays do not regard the set courses that disease and infirmity usually take to be necessarily true. My goal and heart's desire is to convince anyone to open their mind and take back what is rightfully, sensibly and importantly theirs: a happy and healthy life.


Don van den Brandt

CEO and founder of the VANDENBRANDT-Institute BV.


Driven by the passion to bring those who desire back to a state of well-being and wellness, we seek to be the bridge between the science of physical, mental and emotional health in the most personal and professional way. In these fields we seek to bring innovation, education and training with the goal to ultimately make these available to all.

To realize this goal we:

  • offer tailor made solutions as a basis for ultimately protecting and improving health
  • develop, maintain, and renew scientific products and services that will ensure and improve health
  • seek to improve the personal communication between patient and specialist by using the technology of e-health
  • are a bridge between specialists in the field of medicine, psychological and mental health and finally nutrition


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