Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have to be on my Life2Change program?

The duration of your Life2Change program depends on a number of factors. For example: your blood profile, age, sex, the amount of weight you would like to lose, etc. The average time our clients take to finish the Life2Change program is about 3 months with an average weight loss of 8 kilos per month, although we have had cases of clients losing up to 15 kilos per month!

Must I exercise while on the Life2Change program?

If you do not exercise on a regular basis now, don't start, especially if you are obese! The joints and muscles of people who are obese are often not able to cope with daily exercise. There will come a time during the Life2Change program where we will advise that you engage in some forms of exercise. If you already partake in regular exercise we recommend that you continue, but again in moderation. Our main advice is to always listen to your body!

What makes the Life2Change program different from other diets?

The Life2Change program is much more than just a diet. It is an incredible tool to change and improve your health permanently. In most cases our clients have already tried many diets and are searching for a real, long term solution. The Life2Change program is a medical based health treatment using common sense and sound facts. Science behind the Life2Change program is supported by many published medical papers and internationally research over the years. The life2Change program contains no synthetic elements and relies only on healthy, regular food.

Can I be excluded from the Life2Change program?

Yes, in some rare cases we can advise clients not to continue or start with the Life2Change program. For example in case of pregnancy or in consultation with the clients doctor.

Will I be able to live normally again without constant dieting?

If you complete all 4 phases of the Life2Change program you may never have to diet again! Certain foods that were restricted during the Life2Change program will be re-introduced to your diet and you will also be given healthy Life2Change guidelines (during Phase 4) that will prevent you from falling into old habits.

Is the Life2Change program kilojoule/calorie based?

The Life2Change program is not kilojoule or calorie based. The Life2Change program is based on the chemical and micro-biological content of each food-type and is therefore designed and calculated with your specific food types, quantities and combinations to result in the correct processes within your Endocrine system.

Is the Life2Change program a high protein diet?

The Life2Change program consist of foods from all food groups. It's is a balanced eating program that will feel like a regular, daily diet.

Will I have to find and eat exotic foods on the Life2Change program?

There are no exotic foods, just normal foods (in specific quantities). You will have many of the recommended foods in your kitchen.

Why are blood tests necessary?

The blood tests allow an analysis of certain aspects of your system which, together with your lifestyle requirements, medical history and profile will determine the requirements to get your body back in balance. This approach therefore designs a unique food program that will result in weight-loss and other major health and wellbeing benefits.

What is the Detox program?

The Life2Change program takes off with detoxing the body and boosting its metabolism. Detoxing the body is a very important part of bringing it back to a balanced state. Although your body will instantly welcome the types of food that come with the Life2Change program it is important to establish the right mind set for the main food program of phase two. This is exactly what phase one does. It takes one week to finish.

What is the Customised program?

This is the main part of the Life2Change program. Phase two introduces a specifically designed food program, generated with the info your own body has provided us with. During this phase you will see and feel many positive changes. You will feel better, sleep better and regain a level of energy you didn't think could be possible. Phase two also includes highly-effective personal training that teaches you to deal with emotional eating and stress. This causes weight loss to remain steady over the duration of the entire phase while cravings, anxiety and stress will greatly be reduced. Also, any types of heartburns you may suffer from will cease within a few days. Previous client results showed significant improvement and even the resolving of diabetes type two, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and the inconvenience of a spastic colon. Due to the stimulation of the human growth hormone the Life2Change program prevents the skin from hanging, which is often a problem with other diets and surgery. The duration of this phase depends on the sex of the client (males often lose weight faster) and of course on how much weight you want to lose. No matter how obese or overweight you are, there is literally no limit with the Life2Change program.

What is the Stabilisation program?

Phase three is probably the most important phase of them all. Should you stop right now, the empty fat cells will just fill themselves again and leave you in a situation you do not want to be in. Quitting a diet without stabilizing the body is exactly why you see so many people who managed to lose a lot of weight go back to the same situation or even worse. Phase three of the Life2Change program re-introduces types of food that weren't a part of the program and teaches the body to deal with everyday eating. This Phase of the Life2Change program takes between 2-4 weeks, depending on the profile of the client.

Why One-year maintenance support is needed?

After completing the program our specially trained staff will assist you with whatever you need for the period of one year. We are very keen on making sure you never need another diet again.

What is training to control emotional eating?

It is very common for people to become so conditioned to turning to "comfort food" that they don't realize they are doing it. Our specially trained staff will help you learn how to stop using food as a medicine and instead resolve the emotions that are driving you to eat. Thanks to these simple, yet effective techniques you will be able to recognize these destructive eating patterns and resolve those emotions rather than cover them up with eating. The standard Life2Change program includes five half-hour personalized training sessions that teach you these techniques. Clients who think they need more coaching can purchase additional sessions.

The Life2Change techniques add a new highly effective solution to what has been a central and most challenging problem for people wanting to be successful with weight management for the long haul. Our goal is not to just help you lose the weight, it is to make sure it stays off!

How progress monitoring works?

Because your body will start changing from day one it is vital to monitor the body at all times. Therefore, during the progress of your program, every patient will be monitored by our specially trained staff. Sometimes small changes will be added to your program to make sure steady weight loss is maintained.

Our Recipes

Although the Life2Change program doesn't need any special types of food it is nice to have some creative recipes that fit your specific program. Therefore we will constantly provide you with new and tasty recipes. Some of these recipes are so tasty, others will crave what you're having!

How does our personal helpdesk work?

The Life2Change program will not leave you on your own. Our specially trained staff will help you learn how to stop using food as a medicine and instead resolve the emotions that are driving you to eat and assist you wherever you need help. If you have any questions what so ever please use our contact form.


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