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Your commitment

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Your commitment

Commitment counts from the beginning. The basis of success in changing habits is the guidelines of Life2Change specialists .

In Europe, the Life2Change program has worked for thousands of people and will also work for customers in Poland. Past experience has shown that people who have trouble keeping up with the Life2Change program often say they feel as if they simply do not have the self-discipline to stick with it, but it is not a problem of self-discipline . This is a problem driven by emotions whether people realize it or not.

Most people know intuitively that weight problems are often caused by emotional problems . People tend to eat to comfort themselves when they feel stressed or feel anxious . All these factors are common to the so-called concept of " self-healing ." Products with a high carbohydrate content help improve mood, or simply eating too much as a means of  "anesthesia ." Unfortunately, most people do not know how to handle these emotions that drive cravings for the wrong reasons .

Do not worry, Life2Change offers a solution to this problem. The Life2Change program is not only an individual nutrition plan , but also-includes expert advice and cooperation at every step of the program . These include private and individual training in the new Life2Change technique . Life2change’s psychologists and nutritionists focus on customer problems and impulsivity that gets in the way of them successfully functioning at their optimum diet plan . The really good news is that these new techniques are easy to learn and use !

We invite you to know the four phases of the program Life2change that represent important emotional involvement.


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