How Does The Life2Change Program Work?

The Life2change program offers a personal developed health plan that consists of 4 phases. Each phase has its own specific purpose and includes a personaly, tailored eating plan specifically designed for rapid, safe and long-term fat loss. The secret behind the incredible results our clients have established lies in the use of a unique, tailor-made program based on healthy food only. Without the need of any additional products (pills, shakes and injections) the Life2change program incorporates every day foods into a person's daily eating routine. The Life2change program triggers an immense response in the body resulting in the normalization and optimization of its major systems and hormones. The Life2change program will deal with both the symptoms of being overweight and obesity as well as what's causing them. Without starving or demanding any physical effort the Life2Change program will bring you back to a healthy weight in no-time. Life2change offers and develops specifically focused policies diminishing or even ending the problems of emotional eating, (chronic) disease and stress. Using state of the art methods and techniques our Life2change coaches will teach you how to resolve emotions that fuel food cravings and binge eating. Thanks to this simple yet very effective training you will be able to recognize these destructive eating patterns and deal with them. The combination of responsible weight loss and dealing with emotional issues at the same time is what makes the Life2change program unique as well as a life lasting solution. Yes, your days of struggling and dieting are finally over!

What is required?

  • The Life2Change Application intake form.
  • Medical files. (current and historical)
  • Blood work: The blood will be tested on: Vitamin D and B12, Oestrogen, Progesterone,  Testosterone, Sodium, Potassium, Creatinine, Gamma glut amyl transferees (GGT or GGTP, or Gamma-GT), Total Protein, Glucose (sober),TSH (thyroid- stimulating hormone),Total Cholesterol.

The acquired information generates The Life2Change personal health plan. Study findings confirm that there is compelling scientific/empirical and anecdotal evidence to indicate significant efficacy in the:

  • Resolution of Obesity or Overweight Conditions
  • Improvement of BMI-Body Mass Index
  • Improvement of cholesterol level
  • Improvement of 15 specified Wellbeing and Health Factors:
  1. Medicinal intake
  2. Sleep quality
  3. Energy levels
  4. Sexual libido
  5. Gastric conditions
  6. Cognitive problem solving ability
  7. Anxiety and stress-coping ability
  8. Fertility and virility
  9. Self-image
  10. Emotional competence
  11. Social relationships
  12. Rejuvenation
  13. Reduced frequency of common illness
  14. Positive [causal] lifestyle changes
  15. A wide range of client-specified wellbeing conditions and factors


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