The 4 Phases Of The Life2Change Program

Phase one: Starter Detox Plan

The Life2Change program takes off with detoxing the body and boosting your metabolism. Detoxing the body is a very important part of bringing it back to a balanced state. Although your body will instantly welcome the types of food that come with the Life2Change program it is important to establish the right mind set for the main food program of phase two. This is exactly what phase one does. It takes one week to finish.

Phase two: Main program

This is the main part of the Life2Change program. Phase two introduces a specifically designed food program, generated with the info your own body has provided us with. During this phase you will see and feel many positive changes. You will feel better, sleep better and regain a level of energy you didn't think could be possible. Phase two also includes highly effective, personal training that teaches you to deal with emotional eating and stress. This causes weight loss to remain steady over the duration of the entire phase while cravings, anxiety and stress will greatly be reduced. Also, any types of heartburns you may suffer from will cease within a few days. Previous client results showed significant improvement and even the resolve of diabetes type two, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and the inconvenience of a spastic colon. Due to the stimulation of the human growth hormone the Life2Change program prevents the skin from hanging, which is often a problem with other diets and surgery. The duration of this phase depends on the sex of the client (males often lose weight faster) and of course on how much weight you want to lose. No matter how obese or overweight you are, there is literally no limit with the Life2Change program.

Phase three: Stabilisation

Phase three is probably the most important phase of them all. Should you stop right now, the empty fat cells will just fill themselves again and leave you in a situation you do not want to be in. Quitting a diet without stabilizing the body is exactly why you see so many people who managed to lose a lot of weight go back to the same situation or even worse. Phase three of the Life2Change program re-introduces types of food that weren't a part of the program and teaches the body to deal with everyday eating . This Phase of the Life2Change program takes between 2-4 weeks, depending on the profile of the client.

Phase four: Lifestyle after the Life2Change program

Because we do not want to see you again for different reasons than another round of applause or a cup of coffee we will not let you leave empty-handed.  The fourth and final phase of the Life2Change program consists of easy to follow guidelines that will help you to maintain your new found wellbeing and long term health. Whereas the previous phases all end at some point this phase actually ever ends. Phase four is all about enjoying life.


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